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Linda Bolton Principal Consultant, Director

Linda has over 20 years experience as a business transformation and innovation.

Executive consultant for top and medium tier corporations. She provides
experienced coaching, strategic and operational execution support to executive, managers and staff. She is a results’ orientated leader and commercially astute CPA with a track record of strategic execution, program management and service delivery gained at Accenture. She is passionate about the customer experience and new innovations and has strong relationships with like- minded experts and peers in many countries around the world.

Linda works with CIO’s, CFO’s, Strategy & Transformational Executive general managers and brings her consulting leadership competitive advantage to the engagement via care, respect, good humour, professionalism, vision, empathy, resilience, assertive decision making, daring, humility, intuition, and collaboration.

Zane Bolton Technology Consultant

Zane is currently studying Interactive Multimedia and Game Design at Bond University, with state of the art technology. He has produced 3D models for use with 3D glasses, web design, games, production lighting and films. He specialises in modern design technological advances and how they can be used in your business. Some of the tools he uses are Web Design Basic HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap library Programming Fundamentals, Application and database design, building social network applications, publishing to the web, Dreamweaver, Unity 5.2.3 coding, Adobe after affects, Advanced MS Office, PowerPoint, Publisher, Illustrator, and Photoshop CC version 14.2.1, Adobe in design and Scratch animation tools.

Zane brings to the table a sense of fun and new ideas. He grew up near the
beach and playing sport but his real love is gaming. He has speaks Japanese and has been to Japan and to the Himalayas supporting communities and hiking. He has a sense of adventure having been sky dived and climbed the Harbour Bridge. Zanes’ consulting advantage is that he views things from a different visual perspective that others cannot see and likes to invent new ways to do things. He can translate what you need into an easy to understand visual experience.